A 21st Century Corporate Leadership Transformation Workshop
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A moment of truth...that moment when a participant recognises his current level of listening and decides to change his level of listening


- Trainer - Ferdi Dsouza - Fdassociates.

The process of a Shift in levels of listening

A CEO speaks and share how the course inproved his organization's level of listening


- Vanit Kumar - CEO and Founder of Jiva Infotech Ltd.

The course created a shift in levels of listening in our organization.

When it's 'your personal' vision it's not as empowered as when it's a 'world empowered vision.'


- Associate Trainer - Vivek.

The universe wants this vision to happen.

The Marshmellow challenge is an example of prototyping. It teaches dialogue and collaboration


- Associate Trainer - Vivek.

Are we really going to be listening to each other?

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"The challenge is to move from Ego systems to Eco System"
"It begins when you change your Listening"


- Dr. C. Otto Scharmer

Identify your level of listening and change it, if needed.

Leadership From The Emerging Future (LFEF) is a unique Leadership Development program/intervention which is based on pioneering work done by Dr. C Otto Scharmer an American economist and senior lecturer of M.I.T. Sloan School of Management and the Presencing Institute.

In his book 'Leading from the Emerging Future.' He gives us an insight into why we are having so many failed outcomes. These include:

  • 1. Disruptive Technology - Disruptive thinking - Changing customer behavior

    We live in a time of disruptive change. We need to learn how to activate our capacity to lean into the 'emerging future.' How do you cultivate curiosity, compassion and courage in the face of prejudice, anger and fear?

  • 2. An old pattern of thinking with a focus on ego, not the eco-system.

    Too many business have been focusing on "I" the individual (or Organization) and "my" (my company's business) role in the organization or society. If we observe carefully, this type of thinking is like the tip of an iceberg. The symptoms of our current situation are the visible and explicit parts of our current reality. Beneath the visible level of events and crises, there are underlying structures, mental models, and sources that are responsible for creating them. If ignored, these deeper layers of reality will keep us locked into re-enacting old patterns time and again.

We know this or we may not know this, but we are unable to make any/much difference even when we are trying out "new things," - new things that seem logical or even expected. That is because we are stuck in the same old patterns of listening, seeing and acting. We need to move from Ego systems to Eco systems.

Leadership from the Emerging Future is a leadership development intervention that teaches new patterns of Listening, Seeing, and Acting.

Learn to "see differently"
Learn to "act differently"

In this two-day leadership development intervention, participants are grounded in tools and practices that enable them to - Sense the World from the Outside In perspective. You will learn to observe and listen newly to your environment (company, department, business etc.) from the following aspects:

    You will get in touch with how much your thinking and mind-set, and therefore your view of the world is stuck in the past. Another way of saying this is you will get in touch with how much judgement and evaluations based on the past is going on, and how it shapes and limits what's possible

  • 2. OPEN MIND

    You will then be trained to open your mind, such that you can allow stuff to get past your barriers. To see things in a more scientific way. That is to observe in a way scientists are supposed to observe.


    Then we will learn going beyond the world of cynicism to listen and observe not just intellectually, but through your heart. You will have tools that allow you to be able to put yourself in your stakeholders and customers shoes and see yourself and your project the way they see it. Many projects and innovations fail because there is no emotional take up from the customers/stakeholders. Looking at the world from their eyes and their heart allows you to see much more.

  • 4. OPEN WILL

    And next we will invite you to open your will i.e. to be able to observe/ see/listen in such a way that you can actually begin to see the future as it starts to emerge. Co-creation of a new future which was otherwise not going to happen. An important aspect to entrepreneurship and leadership in the emerging future, is to be able to work collaboratively and co-creatively with others.

Towards this end, you will learn to notice the field of conversation that you and your colleagues are immersed in. This field is unseen yet it limits what may be possible. You will learn to move these conversational fields, from the unproductive to the highly productive.


Instructor Information

The Instructor for the LFEF program is Ferdi D'Souza - an internationally recognized name in leadership development. He has a track record for altering organizational culture and developing leadership at all levels of the organization. This leadership coaching is grounded in a technology whose roots lie in a conviction that, to be a leader one requires a depth of understanding and acceptance of oneself - a willingness to distinguish what is missing in oneself and then to develop it. Ferdi's style is simple yet empowering. He listens, and when he speaks, what he says leaves you with a transformed and empowered view of life from which improved productivity and performance emerge.

Co Facilitators

Manoj Onkar - has 24 years of experience in Organizational Development and People Transformation, particularly in the field of leadership development. He is an OD Consultant, Master Coach and Master Trainer. As Landmark Forum Leader and Seminar Leader he has worked at transforming thousands of people Worldwide. As a Corporate Professional, he has trained and certified 100s of Trainers and Coaches in the B2B, B2C and Education Sectors. He is known for managing breakthrough projects in establishing as well as transforming Organizations.

Vivek Chopra - has over 20 years of experience with individuals and executives on Communication, Relationships, Leadership and Effective Performance. He approaches Coaching with a combination of Ontology (the science and study of 'being') and practical work practices from the Mission Control Productivity Principles. His clients report not only a shift in their perspective and approach to issues, but also clarity and a thought through plans that assists them in achieving expanded results.